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No personal HMD on one of my characters' journals? No problem! Comments are screened, IP logging is off, anon comments are enabled, you know the drill. Bring me all your critique and comments over here.

UNIVERSAL DISCLAIMER: I own none of my characters and I muck around for my own personal enjoyment.

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[It's rare for Kay and Edgeworth to find days when they can just relax and unwind without a murder suddenly happening in their midst, and when they do, Kay never misses an opportunity to make the most out of them. Edgeworth? Well, he has a plucky young assistant to make sure he does the same.

So here they are, playing chess...and it's pretty obvious Kay is losing. In a bid to try and turn this game around, she attempts to move her queen, by jumping over a pawn. Which is, of course, not a proper chess move.]

King me!

[This is not checkers, Kay.] 

I mean, queen me! Eat my queen's dust!

[She is also a very noisy chess player.]
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[I wanted to put some code in here to make this post look pretty but I'm too lazy.

This is my open post for post-
[community profile] cerealia shenanigans or even post-[community profile] soul_campaign hijinks, or for just anyone who wants to call out CRAUworth, with two games under his belt, a few new fighting skills, possibly a newfound disdain for robots, a cool shiny sword, and utter cynicism toward jamjars. He got sent home with all of his memories intact so...um, yeah, that's A Thing and he can now visit all his friends' worlds and stuff whenever he wants to.

IDK I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT EDGEWORTH COMPLETELY BUT I DON'T so while he's "retired" from games, here's him in all his CRAU glory and don't mind the new journal, my premium ran out okay.

Sparring, ViViD junk before the truth about ViViD came out, slice of life silliness or the threads we never got to play out while the cereal bowl was still alive...dump them all here!

Auste out.] 
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【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

refer to the list above for active muses. watch this post; i might add more!
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/whatever tickles your fancy! (just not smut or anything NSFW pls, also ask me for ships, i do m/f.)
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.

meme code.

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Miles Edgeworth
Ace Attorney/Soul Campaign CRAU

He's...currently my only character in a game, so even if I dabble in memes and Ace Attorney RP posts, Edgeworth will always be my top priority. The reason why this isn't 5 out of 5 is because I do have days when I'm feeling brain dead or just plain lazy and don't want to sit down and think because Edgeworth tags usually entail a lot of thinking. It's just that these days have become fewer and more negligible because I don't have many tags in my inbox.

Edgeworth's voice has been stronger as of late, and I think it helps that much of my RP is done with him. Plus, I feel like I got a boost from finishing AAI2 and enjoying the direction his development took in that game - even if I still think he might have been overdeveloped. My unbroken stint of playing Edgeworth continues and it has also contributed to strengthening his voice...it has become almost like a routine. I just hope it hasn't become so routine that my tags have become bland or OOC. I don't feel the need to canon review but at the same time I know I should get on that in the near future just in case, or when I'm beginning to burn out. I hope I haven't overdeveloped him in-game because of his added CRAU.

Edgeworth has 5 castmates, 3 (Phoenix, Franziska and Maya) of whom are particularly important to him. Iris was his former "client" he didn't expect to see so soon after that case (or so late, depending on how you look at it) and Athena is someone he only got to know now because she's from far into the future. I'm very happy with my cast because while there's the usual canon point confusion, at least Edgeworth shares substantially the same canon point with Franziska and to a lesser extent, Iris. And there's always room for silly things, serious things, and everything along the spectrum. I would really, really, REALLY want more AAI characters like Kay and Lang, and even AAI2 folk. Sigh, I would love to have more AAIs. Also Gumshoe and more villains. (Who are you kidding, Auste, you want EVERYONE.) We had Trucy and the Gavins on the test drive and I'm hoping they decide to app!

Edgeworth is always itching to find the truth and discover new things in Cerealia, plus thanks to his stint in Soul Campaign he's so much better at defending himself and fighting, and retaining his powers from there didn't hurt at all. With all that, he's a lot easier to throw at plots - the only limitations are the time and energy I can invest, and my own memory of plot clues. I should probably do up a post to collect all the info Edgeworth has ICly collected. I like having him get involved whenever I can especially since he has more time on his hands. CERES still won't let him prosecute, oops.

Sometimes I'm jealous of everyone's ships sailing in Cerealia but at the same time I know Edgeworth isn't exactly the easiest to ship or guide into a relationship with a significant other. He's surrounded by romance and he doesn't really care, and right now I don't have anyone in mind for him. It might change in the future, but I'm not closing the door on the occasional date. Since the blind date with Ai, he hasn't gone on any sort of date and someone should set him up - I mean. Ahem. He's not even looking so setting up is the best way to push him into this. I bet the setting up period building up to IT'S-SO-OFFICIAL-I'M-PLURKING-ABOUT-IT would take a while, too. Some people would disagree with me, but that's how I think Edgeworth would approach a potential relationship.

I love this dork. I love him to bits. I don't know if I'll ever get tired of playing him because even when things are quiet, there's something for him to do or talk about. Even if I whine about his tags, about how he says things, how he has to be on top of things all the time or about his development or if I'm doing anything (w)right, playing Edgeworth is so much fun. He's a wee bit friendlier thanks to his stint in Soul Campaign, and more trusting, and a lot easier to talk to.

Edgeworth and Cerealia are the only character and game I kept for the time being, which says a lot about how much I love this game. I want to keep him on the road I've placed him on, and dropping has never really crossed my mind. Okay, it did when I was thinking of my bar review schedule, but one month in and I'm sure I can stay and tag during my breaks when I need to breathe. It looks like I'm going to be here for a long, long time, if not until endgame.
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It was about time they had a getaway, no matter how brief. Kay had wanted to pull Edgeworth away from the hustle and bustle of Heropa and his work there, and at last, they were able to set aside a day for themselves at the beach. She was beginning to appreciate these moments away from the mess of politics, superpowers going haywire, and criminals hiding in the woodwork; both she and Edgeworth could breathe, even for a while.

At least even though Edgeworth was blessed with enhanced strength, Kay was not one to leave him carrying everything they need. She's swaying on her feet as she tries to carry a large colorful umbrella, folded beach blankets and the picnic basket (one of several) all at once.] 

I...d-don't worry, I got this! [Kay totters a few steps forward in search of the perfect spot. She is, of course, dressed for the occasion: a carnation pink cover up over a navy blue swimsuit, sandals, even a sun hat. And her smile rivals the brightly shining sun. Did we mention the cool sunglasses?

She's really serious about having fun.]
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[OKAY I HAVEN'T PUT MORE ICONS IN YET but if you want to help me voice test this doofus, go for it! I have prompts but if you have any more ideas, chuck them at me and let's do this thing!

I've been spoiled on a few things about the last case, which is where I am, but nnnno more spoilers for now, please. I've finished up to Beginning, Part 2 of AAI2-5 and I'll be very slow in finishing because ew law school hahaha.



[Sebastian is hanging out near one of the courthouse vending machines, pointing to various items for sale on the display with his baton. He squints...really hard...at the prices.]

Six dollars for two Swiss rolls? Maybe...maybe they're the best Swiss rolls, that's why they're expensive!

[He starts digging in his pockets for cash. Hopefully he didn't forget his wallet at home. Hopefully. But from the way he's frantically rooting around in every pocket he has - those in his pants, even those in his special red jacket - one can tell that there's really no hope. Sebastian has even started to mumble to himself.]



[Or you might find him on a crime scene. There has been a break-in at the nearest jewelry store, and Sebastian has been placed in charge of the case. He crouches down to look at the shattered glass on the sidewalk, which has some ripped pieces of cloth with a green swirling cloud pattern on them mixed in. Police are milling about, the media are hungry for a scoop (uh-oh) and the whole place is a bustling hub of activity. Sebastian is animatedly talking about the case (probably with you, or with the officers who have subjected themselves to his conversation) but he may get some of his words wrong, as always.]

This is a case of wrecking and bantering - um, I mean...

[Breaking and entering, Sebastian.]


[If you want to be the best, you have to study like the rest. Sebastian is at the law section of the library, piling up book after book in his arms with a strange, dogged determination. Law books, however, happen to be very thick and heavy things, so he is beginning to teeter as he tries to maintain his balance. Nonetheless, he continues walking on, pulling out more volumes with only cursory looks at their spines]


[Sebastian staggers out of the shelves, waddling like a duck until he trips and falls, scattering books everywhere.]

Oh no!

[That "oh no" is loud enough to make the entire library (including you?) shush him soundly. Ohhh, the humiliation. His face is turning red as he scrambles to pick everything up again.]


[Throw me a prompt and let's see what we can do! Unfortunately I'm not interested in shipping, and this child is underage.]
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Miles Edgeworth (cerealia)
Ace Attorney

Varies, although more often than not, I do some non-Edgeworth tags first to get into the general tagging groove before doing his tags. But when I'm particularly excited or inspired, he'll go first.

Also varies. On a good day, I'm in the zone and Edgeworth's voice is loud in my head, allowing me to return fire more than once a day. I think four years of law school have helped me cling to his voice, but it's a double-edged (did you see what I did there) sword (did you see it again) because when I'm exhausted and sick of doing law stuff, that's also when his voice is weak or I'm too lazy to brain his tags. Perhaps if I didn't overthink his tags, I'd be faster with him, but he's the type of character whose tags deserve a lot of thought especially when the mun is as scatterbrained as I am. I'm not very conscious with nuances up to AAI2-3 probably because at that point, Edgeworth's voice changes little, if at all, and it's just his viewpoints and beliefs that are challenged in that game.

Cerealia boasts the biggest AA cast anywhere in DW as of now. Everyone tags back, albeit at different paces, and they're chill about that fact. It's really easy to talk to each other and plot and discuss silliness and go [INSERT CHARACTER HERE] NO and stare at the various pime taradoxes created. I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 because there are some castmates I wish we had for Edgeworth specifically, like Franziska, Shi-Long Lang and Gumshoe. I get a little concerned because I'm on the slower side of the spectrum but everyone is really understanding and I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR, K. I love the shenanigans we have and how many messes each castmate ends up in, haha.

Normally, canon Edgeworth is good for investigations and mysteries and crime, but not much on the action/adventure level. I think CRAUing him from Soul Campaign opened up new plotting capabilities since he can now take on his share of action and is more open and accepting of other phenomena (that doesn't mean he has to like it!). Plus, he'd be curious about other worlds. I just wish I could be more active but I suppose that cannot be helped. I couldn't join the mini-event because I was busy this week and mostly gone, but I can always work around that.

Despite all my gripes about playing Edgeworth, his voice, translating to Edgeworthese and the whole enchilada? I love playing him. There's a reason why he has never been without a game for years - playing him is addictive. I like tossing him into weird situations, making him clueless at times, making him a complete dork and exploring all the facets of his personality. I learned so much about his character in the course of RP and what I can do with all of it. Oh, if only I had Unlimited Time Works...my ultimate gripe.

This is the game I'm least likely to drop. I really love all of Edgeworth's CR and the plotting and the cast and the game's pace and UGH everything seems to fit everything I want. SOL and CR, but with some plot in between and action, and it's where I can have my CRAUnanigans and people won't judge because CRAUs are allowed anyway. I'm determined to keep Edgeworth's development arc from Soul Campaign going until now and see how far I can take it. Plus, everyone is so welcoming, so understanding, so eager to plot with me.
Hisami Hishiishii
R.O.D the TV

Hisami's tags are either first priority or second, depending on how I feel and what I want to do first. Since her voice is a really easy, simple one (more on that later), it's a good way to start a tag day, or a smooth transition from excitable Kay to stick-in-the-mud Edgeworth.

Pretty strong. Hisami's canon review is also a quickie because she's a minor character. Her personality isn't as multifaceted as Edgeworth's but is no less interesting because she has those hidden depths that, once you hit a certain level, will have to be plumbed by headcanon and inferences from given canon. I think one reason why I have a good handle on her voice is because her voice...um, once you know the cornerstones of her personality, everything else follows, I guess.

I wish I had a cast. But R.O.D is a sadly obscure canon and the odds of anyone else besides me apping to a game with someone from it, are very low. I know R.O.D players exist out there...somewhere...but they're few and far between, and I doubt a SOL game like Holly Heights would appeal to the main and supporting characters.

A lot of plotting was opened up for me when I apped Hisami, because she's a teenager and currently Holly Heights is crawling with them. Plus, since many of the events are effects that hit characters and she does reach out to people she already knows, it's actually easier to find things for her to tag.

Playing Hisami is fun because she's starting to crawl out of her shell more often - she just has to do it EVEN MORE OFTEN because she's SHY AS A BABY DEER. Plus, she's very therapeutic - she's sweet, kind, and never raises her voice or loses her temper. CR comes to me very easily but alas, not the negative kind. I have not had any negative CR since apping because of how terribly nice Hisami is to everyone.

I don't want to because I love playing her and I adore her CR at Holly Heights (ranging from friends to people who would gut you if you hurt her aljsfkas) AND AC is really easy to get with her, but if I must, to lighten my load especially when the time comes for me to begin studying for the bar exams, then I'll drop this game as well. But for now, I won't drop her in the near future. So you could say that on the "least likely to be dropped" hierarchy, HH ranks next after Cerealia.
Miles Edgeworth (Holly Heights)
Ace Attorney

See above. The order between HH!Edgeworth and Cerealia!Edgeworth tags depends on what I want to do first with Edgeworth or my current mood.

See above. No notable differences between the muse strengths of HH!Edgeworth and Cerealia!Edgeworth.

He has Pearl after spending quite some time as a LCW, but sadly she didn't seem to know him until she got tossed into Holly Heights. In any case, Edgeworth wants to look out for her in his own way even though she presumably has her own "family". I miss having a massive cast but we have one at Cerealia anyway and HH really isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Most of the stuff seems more tailor-made for kid characters but there's stuff for adults, even the adults who actually adult. But sometimes I opt out of certain events when I'm burned out or when I feel that Hisami would fare better or be more fun to toss into things or when having both characters in one event would tire me out. But despite seeing so many of his CR come and go, Edgeworth still has a sizable chunk of CR and some housemates and I'm always down for pure CR building.

I find Edgeworth really fun to play as I've mentioned before, but I'm docking a point off because there are times when I'm bored and I wish for more action in his life instead of just doing CR stuff. Unfortunately, here, he doesn't have his action-y experience from Soul Campaign. But that's okay because it gives me the opportunity to keep playing him purely from canon minus the added CRAU.

He might go sooner than Hisami, if I decide to lighten my RP load, since he's had a good run in HH (2 years at a pure SOL game? I didn't think I could manage that). Again, that's something I don't need to think about now or in the near future. Edgeworth is staying until further notice.
Kay Faraday
Ace Attorney

Most of the time, she's first because she's easiest to tag with and her voice just pops into my head. And because I procrastinate my Edgeworth tags, weh.

Kay's voice is usually the loudest in my head, maybe because she was my very first muse and I haven't stopped playing her since, even though she ended up gameless a few times. She's very close to my personality and I just really like her character despite what fandom thinks. It's fun to explore her development because she got little in AAI and uhhh I'm not yet done with AAI-2 sorry guys bye.

Currently just her and Bratworth, with Franziska reserved. AAI represent! Edgeworth and Kay are living under the same roof and she's just trying to help him out with plot every so often while making his life more ~interesting~

A lot, since she's a very involved kind of person with justice and finding the truth and investigations. Kay even got into the Young Avengers. And even if I'm not feeling up to plot stuff and the serious things, it's easy to find more lighthearted shenanigans for her.

I LOVE PLAYING MY HOME GIRL. That is all. I love to explore what canon has left bare or up to speculation or in uncertainty and seeing where else her development can take her.

My days at MoM are sadly numbered, even though the drop won't happen till next year (unless something comes up earlier) when I begin reviewing for the bar exams. Since this is the fastest game I have on my roster, I won't be able to keep up as much once I start reviewing. I suppose this is a notice of sorts that I won't be sticking around indefinitely. I've considered dropping earlier but decided not to, and just eased back on my activity and focused on CR.
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Stolen with zero shame from [personal profile] yanyan and [personal profile] bats because why not.

□ = wanted, ☑ = completed

□ Kiss the Girl-type scene, must also end with the boat flipping the couple over
□ Accidental hand holding
□ Intentional hand holding
□ I-it's not like I wanted to hold your hand or anything, b-baka!
□ Pacific Rim AU
□ Wild West AU
□ Character A learns how to surf or learns some extreme sport from Character B
□ First (awkward) kiss
□ Hunger Games AU
□ Characters from different canons who look alike/who are similar in some way meet each other
□ Underwater kisses I DON'T EVEN
□ Characters playing Twister
□ Characters playing Monopoly and screaming and destroying friendships
□ See above, only with Monopoly Deal
□ Characters going to a fast food joint and COLLECTING THE TOYS FROM THE KIDDIE MEALS
□ Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus AU
□ Character A walks in on Character B jamming to some tunes on headphones and dancing/singing aloud
□ Spying and secret agent stuff so spy AU why not
□ Characters playing video games
□ I can't comfort, how does I comfort people, I must comfort this person anyway
□ Character A trying to win Character B's hand in marriage
□ Fate/ AU 
□ Movie marathoning
□ Rhythm games like DDR
□ Sick day, pls care for the sick
□ Marooned on a desert island
□ I need help with my homework ugh math is so hard
□ Field trip, then suddenly stranded/surprise camping
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Want code? I'm still using Laena's code because I can't code to save my life.

boop. )